Mariah Carey, mom team up for holiday duet

Tuesday 30 November 2010

Mom-to-be Mariah Carey partners with her mother, opera singer Patricia Hickey Carey, on a song on her new album "Merry Christmas II You". PopCrunch said the duo teams up on the holiday classic "O Come All Ye Faithful". The album is now in stores.
Carey, 41, said she had discussed doing a duet with her mom and wanted to make sure it happened on the Christmas album. "She's the one who really got me into being so festive at Christmas," Carey said. Yahoo! Music said Patricia Carey got her daughter into singing. When Mariah was 3 she heard her mom rehearsing Verdi's "Rigoletto" and sang it to herself. She sang it on pitch - in Italian.
The Internet Movie Database said Patricia Hickey Carey is a former mezzo-soprano with the New York City Opera and a freelance vocal coach. She also coached Mariah. Yahoo! Music said the Carey women's voices blend well - when Mariah isn't out-sung by mom. "What's most notable about this video is that Patricia, a former opera singer and vocal coach, is the real star of the show here," Yahoo! music blogger Lyndsey Parker said. Mariah Carey will also host a Christmas special, set to air December 13 on ABC.
They are not the only mother-daughter duos to find fame. Netscape's Celebrity blog shares others, such as actress Kate Hudson and her mother, Goldie Hawn. The "Laugh-In" icon and movie star wasn't always supportive about her daughter's acting ambitions, once not telling her that she got a role on a television show that was to be produced by Howie Mandel.
Gwyneth Paltrow also followed the lead of her mom, Tony award-winning actress Blythe Danner. Jamie Lee Curtis worked with her mom, Janet Leigh, in the movie "Halloween H2O". Mother-daughter singing teams include country music superstars Naomi and Wynonna.

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Mariah Carey will preview her new album in The George
The George is previewing Mariah Carey's new album this Thursday. Her fifteenth studio album, "Caution", will receive its Irish debut in the famous LGBT club/bar. The event will be hosted by one of Ireland's favourite drag queens, Davina Divine.
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Jay-Z hits the Hot 100 with his mom
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Mariah Carey: a vocal powerhouse
Mariah Carey was born on March 27, 1970 in Huntington, New York. She is the daughter of Alfred Roy, an African American native of Venezuela, and Patricia Hickey, who is of Irish descent. The name Carey was adopted by her paternal grandfather.
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The deterioration of Mimi
Mariah was born with a miraculously exceptional vocal instrument. Despite decades of media coverage of her career and personal life, very little is known about her childhood development and personal discovery process of the craft of singing.
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Mariah receives the Giving Me Life Achievement Award
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Inside Mariah Carey's mental ward hell has obtained a shocking image that shows Mariah Carey's beleaguered big sister Alison Carey strapped to a gurney and seemingly unconscious at the Long Island mental hospital Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center.
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Mariah and more sign "March For Our Lives" petition
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Mariah on her way to a romantic dinner in LA
She only confirmed her romance with the backup dancer two weeks ago. But Mariah Carey looked more loved-up than ever with Bryan Tanaka on Saturday night, as they headed for an intimate dinner together in Los Angeles.
(Sunday 5 March 2017)
A complete history of Jennifer and Mariah's alleged feud
Rumors of a feud between Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey have existed in Internet lore for years. And, like most pop star-on-pop star feuds which appear to exist solely in the minds of fans, it's the type of thing that the two are constantly having to deny.
(Saturday 5 March 2016)
Mariah Carey resurfaces looking slimmer than ever
It's been a while since we last checked in with Mariah Carey, since the diva supreme has been pretty silent on social media since late January. But it seems like the newly-single gal has been making good use of her time away from the spotlight.
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"You're Mine" offers a soft and angelic R&B sound
The vocal powerhouse diva that is Miss Mariah Carey has debuted her brand new single, "You're Mine (Eternal)", and with that being said, I'm sure her fan base full of lambs and sheep and whatever else are rejoicing. The sheep bit was of course a joke.
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Nick Cannon couldn't be more upbeat about things right now. He recently found himself in the hospital not once, but twice, as a result of a "lupus-type" autoimmune disorder, but showed off his positive attitude during his appearance on Good Morning America.
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Mariah Carey and her babies
No... not those babies. The pop star hasn't given birth yet. But she did tweet a photo of her precious pups on Friday. "How could I not be obsessed with them?" she wrote. Mariah also mentioned something else that makes her smile.
(Saturday 5 March 2011)
How our story got stolen by everyone
Look back two days in this column and you'll see a story about Mariah Carey. She told me she was "naive" about performing for Ghaddafi's son. I reported exclusively that Mariah was donating all the money from a new song to human rights charities.
(Saturday 5 March 2011)
Mad about Mariah
Dear Megan, we're also mad about Mariah (remember our pic of tvplus staffers Sieraaj and Clayton with their favourite diva in Cape Town in April last year?). She was born on 27 March 1970 (she turns 40 this month!) in New York City.
(Friday 5 March 2010)
Why Michael Jackson will never thrill again
The Telegraph lifts up the hem of its puffy skirt, shows off a little cankle, and provocatively asks, "Can the King of Pop reclaim his crown?" Michael Jackson is expected to make an announcement about a Las Vegas-style residence at London's O2 Arena.
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Madge and Mariah switch beds
On Friday night at the Ritz, that trumped-up gay bar up in Hells Kitchen, something entirely too ordinary happened once too often: Madonna's "Get Together" came on. That's the one that goes: "Can we get together? I really want to be with you."
(Wednesday 5 March 2008)
Mariah Carey demands 802.11n
A contact of mine just shot me an e-mail telling me that I have got to see Mariah Carey's latest video. My first thought: Why is this guy telling me to watch a video titled "Touch My Body"? I've got to thank him for making my and my colleagues' day.
(Wednesday 5 March 2008)
Mariah tells Britney never to give up on her pop career
Mariah Carey has told troubled singer Britney Spears never to give up on her pop career. Carey, 37, hopes her own renaissance can inspire a comeback by the 26-year-old Toxic star. Mariah said: "I never count people out - that's just not in my nature."
(Wednesday 5 March 2008)
Mariah Carey plays second fiddle for movie shot in town
Mariah Carey sang country music in Nashville last week. Don't get excited - it was just for a movie. She was filming the independent film Tennessee with Lance Reddick, Ethan Peck and Adam Rothenberg. She plays a waitress and aspiring country singer.
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Mariah at pre-Oscar A-list parties
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Soul Train keeps Mariah's comeback rolling
Mariah Carey kept her comeback going Saturday, picking up best album and best single honors at the 20th Annual Soul Train Music Awards. John Legend also earned two awards, beating out R. Kelly for best male album and best male single.
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BET's 106 & Park
Mariah visited BET's 106 & Park to promote her upcoming album and new single. Mariah was greeted warmly by the audience, which included members of her fan club. She announced a contest in which she was looking for a new background singer.
(Saturday 5 March 2005)
Great news
An average of 707,000 viewers watched the full hour of TRL on MTV with Mariah Carey. That's up +23% vs. the number of impressions posted the day before (575,000). More good news. TRL was drawing 635,000 impressions in February 2005.
(Saturday 5 March 2005)

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