Halle tells Mariah: hands off her man

Monday 2 October 2000

X-men vixen Halle Berry quickly bared her claws when she heard Mariah Carey was getting too chummy with her handsome fiance, soul singer Eric Benet. Halle left a promotional tour and hastily hopped a plane from Los Angeles to Toronto, where Eric was filming "All That Glitters" with sexy songstress Mariah, who's currently linked to singer Luis Miguel.
"Halle confronted Mariah," confides and insider, "Mariah was really shocked and said she had a man she really loved, so why should she go after Halle's?".
Another source tells the Globe that Halle's sudden appearance also caught her boyfriend by surprise. "Eric said it was crazy," the source reveals. "It looked like Halle just pounced on him and Mariah as if they were guilty of something. Eric told me they're close friends, but not lovers."
But insiders on the set say Mariah and Eric were definitely palling around and getting very close. Says a friend: "Eric told me Mariah's the greatest. He really digs this woman." And the feeling was mutual. "Mariah told several cast members that Eric really turns her on," the friend confides. "She said he's super good-looking, very deep and sensitive. And she loves being with him."
Halle still has heartbreaking memories of her devastating divorce from baseball star David Justice three years ago. Friends say the sexy actress is wary about her current relationship because Eric has postponed their wedding twice. "All this has made Halle very insecure," notes a source. "Although there was no affiar, Halle did the right thing because it could have easily turned into one."
Mariah has denied she was trying to put the moves on Eric, but she understands where she's coming from, says the source. "If I had a gorgeous guy like him," Mariah told a friend, "I'd be jealous, too, when he was out of my sight."
A friend of Eric also thinks Halle showed up in the nick of time. "I think if Halle hadn't appeared on the scene," confides the friend, "Eric would have gone off the straight and narrow."

(The Globe)

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